Oil is now trending as surprising as this now sounds.   Oil has clawed its way back and it now is less volatile and likely to stay above $...

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Monday, December 1, 2014


To date the our Alsi and Topi index together with world indexes have been at all time highs at least five times this year. Sure the share prices have run ahead of the actual recovery on the ground, but good quality shares will generally grow in to those prices in the coming years. Resource prices have taken a hammering during the past three years generally as the whole scene changes due to demand after the recession ended. There has been a general decline in demand as various countries try to stimulate their economies to offset deflation, how ever the oil price decline has been a Godsend to help stimulate the world economies. It must be noted that this event has also had some destabilizing effect upon prices of resources as traders try to discern how this will effect the various products. I shall report upon the effect on the various minerals next year.
I hope you all did well this year as there were some spectacular share peformances. I hope our  personal opinions on the pages on this web-site will help you in the year ahead.
 Do read the posts written in the past year for more information as well.