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Friday, March 3, 2017

Sensible Policies Needed

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1.As leading governments in the western world review their revenue systems to lower taxes to kick start their citizens endevours,to create a better environment where their citizens can thrive,our government in South Africa is  introducing increasing socialist principals that have already failed elsewhere in the world and increasing taxes which are are acting as a disincentive  to creating a better society. 
Our government carries a huge work force which can be cut by 60% and then it would be very effective. Our representitives are physically overweight and seem more interested in increasing their salaries than serving us.More and more racial retoric is being used by the incumbents to cover their shortcomings.
2.Our  rural muncipalities are overstaffed as well and services for electricity water and road repair have broken down all since 1994 when the " great freedom"was declared. They fail to pay their electricity muncipal bill to the electricity supplier. I should know as i now sit in the appropriatly named town "Lydenburg"(NAME  Means suffering). By the way we pay for our electricity in advance but this money goes towards salaries as they sacked the qualified electricians as they came from another area!
3.Leading mines  overproduced resources after the the boom period ending in 2006 in the hope of making a profit on greater volume at lower prices, all became unstuck, racking up huge debts and finding they had to pay off workers and reduce output and sell off unviable assets, to stay in business racking up huge losses.
It would seem that they have learnt their lessons as now with the prices of metals and minerals improving again they are now considering in rather paying long suffering investors dividends. Also they are rather expanding parts of profitable works  rather than buying expensive assets from other sources or exploring new ventures.